Ron Hanson and Susan Maughan

From the RW    Vol 73 Issue 3468, page 894

10th September 1977

Photo: Ron & Sue Wedding
  The photograph shows many of the bellringers attending the wedding of Ron Hanson and Susan Maughan, at All Saints’, Stranton, Hartlepool, on September 10th. The local ringers were all involved in the ceremony (viz., bride, bridegroom, best man, vicar, bridesmaids, etc.!) and a band was “ imported" for the occasion. The bridegroom decided to join them, and had to be dragged away from a touch of Stedman Triples by the best man, who was panicking when unable to find him!
The bride was given away by her father, Mr. William Maughan (tower captain) and was attended by her sisters, Catherine and Julia. The best man was Stephen Busby and the Rev. Maurice Jennett officiated.

  A quarter of P.B. Major was rung after the wedding by Mr. and Mrs. K. Arthur, Miss S. Trickett, Miss B. Softley, Miss E. Softley, Mrs. M. Hearn, Mr. H. Smith and Mr. C. Pearson.

In the photograph are:
Front— Mr. S. J. Busby, Miss J. E. Maughan, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Hanson, Miss C. H. Maughan, Mr. N. P. D. Harrison, Mr. P. Maughan.
Second— Miss S. Hearn, Mrs. S. J . Busby, Mrs. K. Arthur, Mr. K. Arthur, Mr. R. S. Harrison, Mr. W. Maughan, Mrs. W. Maughan.
Back — Mr J. Maughan, Miss J. Hearn, Miss B. Softley, Rev. M. Jennett, Mrs. M. Hearn, Miss E. Softley. Mr. J. C. B. Wilde. Mr. M. Hall, Mr. W. Tyson, Mr. E. Trundley, Mr. H. Smith, Mr. B. Telfer.

1977  73:3468:895
Hartlepool, Cleveland (All Saints). 10 Sept., 1264 P.B. Major:
Brenda Softley 1, Sally Trickett 2, Margaret Hearn 3. Enid Softley 4,
K Arthur (cond.) 5, H E J Smith 6, C Pearson 7, W Tyson 8.
Wedding compliment to Susan Maughan and Ronald Hanson, local ringers

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