From the RW    Vol 74 Issue 3512, page 687

26th June 1978

Benwell, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear.
Photo: Benwell  & Outing
  Ringers from St. James’s, Benwell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, began the summer with an outing to the Northumberland churches of Bamburgh, Embleton and Rothbury and the “Watch Tower” at Morpeth. The trip was very enjoyable and a number of the ringers are seen in the photograph.

  The ring of six (16 cwt.) at Benwell is at present undergoing extensive restoration, mostly by the local band, for the bells generally have been neglected. The tower needed much cleaning, pigeons having been nesting under the bells. The work included pigeon-proofing, cleaning, painting the frame and decorating the ringing chamber. The clappers — a complete mixture of designs — were removed, the lignum vitae bushes bored out and over-sized pins inserted. The pulley-blocks were cleaned and greased, and work on the bearings involved jacking-up the bells. The bells now go better than for some considerable time. We thank George Thompson, engineering technician at Newcastle University, for his help and advice.

  The money for the restoration was raised by the local band who rang a sponsored date touch, 1978 Stedman and P.B. Doubles on June 26th. The ringers were: Gillian Alexander 1, Michael Rutherford 2, Julia Mayne 3, Susan J. Hanson 4, Ron B. Hanson (cond.) 5, Michael Hall 6.

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