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Ringing World   7th April 1989

Bill Maughan

  We regret to report the death on Easter Monday [27th March 1989] of Bill Maughan,
immediate Past President of the Durham and Newcastle D.A.
Bill was out walking along the coast at Craster when he collapsed and died.


Ringing World  5th May 1989
Picture: Bill Maughan 
  Bill Maughan was born in Hartlepool, the eldest son of a clockmaker. His ringing career started immediately after the war, at All Saints’, Stranton,’ under the supervision of Arthur Watson. He joined the Durham and Newcastle Association in 1948, and in the late ’50s became tower captain at Stranton - a job he was to hold for the rest of his life. He served the Southern District of the D & N with a continuous period of office from 1978, initially as ringing master and later as chairman.
He was President of the D & N from 1983 to 1986.
  During this time, he attended every meeting in the three districts of the Association with his wife Margery, though there were moments . . .  His middle daughter inexplicably arranged her wedding on the same day as the A.G.M.  Members were surprised to find that it was the date for the A.G.M. that changed.
  Bill stimulated ringing at Hartlepool. He was ready to help on all occasions and never tired of training new ringers, some of whom have become notable for their odd peal of Stedman! It was on his initiative that much-needed rope guides were installed at St. Aiden's to reduce the long draught from ceiling to floor.
  Bill was a ready and popular speaker at ringing meetings. He would always have a tale to tell about the bells, or a point of historical interest to make about the church. He was often invited to speak at other functions, especially about his beloved St. Kilda.
  By trade. Bill was a skilled motor mechanic. He worked at Camerons Brewery until 1983, where he maintained the fleet of articulated waggons. He prided himself on his driving ability. He could manoeuvre the waggons into the tightest of spaces. After leaving Camerons, Bill became a most enthusiastic and committed member of the midweek ringers guild.
  Bill provided delightful company for all. His interests were many and varied. He was a keen student of astronomy. He was involved with the Workers Education Association. He enjoyed the countryside. He was fascinated by sea-birds. He took the Boys’ Brigade on outings. He provided transport for many. He was a lover of music, particularly that by Beethoven. He helped form the Sunday School music group, and played the violin at the monthly family service. Only two weeks before his death he played the accordion at a Southern District meeting. The whole family were once featured on Radio 4’s "Today” programme. They were introduced as “ The Musical Maughans of Hartlepool". The family home resounded to the sounds of voice, piano, violin, handbells and accordion.
  He was not a prolific peal ringer. He had rung over 50 peals for the Association, a few of which he conducted himself. His first priority was always the development of Sunday service ringing.

  The funeral at Stranton saw the church filled to capacity with family, friends and fellow-members of the Durham and Newcastle Association. The bells were rung open, as he would have wished, before and after the service, the following day a peal of Stedman Triples was rung on the bells he had loved and served so well, conducted by one of his ex-pupils, John Pladdys. While it was being rung, his family scattered his ashes on Roscberry Topping, one of his favourite walking haunts.

  Bill was a loving family man, who will be sadly missed by his wife Madge, three daughters, two sons and six grandchildren, as well as his many friends.


* * *

  I knew Bill Maughan from the time 1 began ringing, and he was one of the nicest people I have ever met. It was difficult to be unhappy when you were with him, as his own happiness and enjoyment of life radiated to those around him.
  As well as ringing, Bill had a number of interests, including music, astronomy and Scotland, especially the history of St. Kilda. When he spoke of these interests his passion and enthusiasm infected his listeners; I owe my own interest in astronomy almost completely to him.  Moreover, he found tremendous enjoyment in simple, everyday things, like a walk by the sea or in the country, or the view from a mountaintop.
  He led a full life, much of it spent in helping other people, whether it was giving lifts in his mini-bus, mending a car for a friend, repairing a faulty light switch for a lady living on her own, and countless similar small acts of kindness that he did as a matter of course in his own quiet, unassuming way. Whatever job he was doing, big or small, he did to his utmost as if it really mattered. I can remember a number of occasions when we checked ropes before a peal. He would insist on changing or altering a rope of there was the slightest doubt. Once he spent 20 minutes going back down a ladder and staircase and driving to the other end of town to get some binding tape, "to make absolutely sure” . On another occasion we found that the rope on the flag-pole had broken. There was some similar rope in the tower that would have been perfectly adequate, but no, he was off to buy some nylon rope that would last longer (paid for out of his own pocket).
  If I were asked to sum-up Bill Maughan in a few words, I would say simply: "He was a man that loved life". Like many others privileged to know him, I will miss him very much.



HARTLEPOOL, Cleveland,
All Saints'. Stranton  p071
Sat Aprl 1989
2h40 (12cwt)
5040 Stedman Triples, Arr. J.P. (No 14)
1 John Pladdys (C)
2 Karen P Maughan
3 John E Anderson
4 Christopher M Richardson
5 Philip M Park
6 George S Deas
7 Stephen B Bell
8 Christopher A Leese

In thanksgiving for the life of Bill Maughan, ringer at this church for over 40 years, tower captain most of that time

(St. Mary)
2 Apr 1989,
1280 Cambridge S. Major
C J Burton 1,
M Poppleston 2,
R Poppleston 3,
J Crowther 4,
I A C Robertson 5,
K Wallace 6,
A J Wallace 7,
D Walker (C) 8.

In thanksgiving for the life of Bill Maughan


CONSETT, Co. Durham,  p050
Sat Apr 1 1989
3h8 (16cwt)
5088 Yorkshire S. Major
Comp. G M Bradshaw
1 lain A C Robertson
2 John A Craggs
3 W J Peter Wishart
4 Stephen L Nicholson
5 Andrew J Wallace
6 Duncan K Wallace
7 Denis Crowe
8 David V Craggs (C)

In thanksgiving for the life of Bill Maughan,
Association President 1983-1986



8 April, 1989
1280 Superlative S Major:
Pat J Sewell 1,
Elizabeth H Treweeks (1st In m.) 2,
G Rothwell 3,
H A Bradbury 4,
R M Grainger (1st In m.) 5,
D A Home 6,
W J Grainger 7,
R R Warford(C) 8.

In thanksgiving for the life of Bill Maughan.


Tyne & Wear

 2 April 1989,
1260 P B Minor:
Helen Maudslay (1st Q.) 1.
 M Bell 2,
P Bell 3,
Warford 4,
J Bell 5,
R R Warford(C) 6.

In thanksgiving for the life of Bill Maughan.


Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland.
23 Apr 1989,
1296 P.B. Caters:
A C N Banton (1 st Caters) 1,
J Alex Sotheran 2,
Janet Tiplady (1st on 10) 3,
Margaret Jobson 4,
A C Banton (C) 5,
Elaine M Banton 6,
Corinne P Banton 7,
P Sotheran 8,
W J P Wishart 9,
E P Rock 10.

Prior to Evensong on St George s Day
in thanksgiving for the life and contribution to ringing of William Maughan of Stranton (Hartlepool), who died on 27th March. R I P.


Rothbury, Northumb.
1 Apr 1989,
1260 Stedman Triples:
Roslyn Markham 1,
Elizabeth Treweeks 2,
Anne Hunter 3,
Louise M Bland (50th Q) 4,
R Warlord 5,
P W Wheeler 6,
G Rothwell (C) 7,
R J Bland (1st as cover) 8.
1st in m: 1,4.

On Mary Dawson Dinner Day,
 with thanksgiving for the life of
Bill Maughan, Past President
of the Durham & Newcastle Association.

Embleton, Northumberland
 8 April 1989,
1260 Kent T B  & P B Minor
R J Bland 1,
Louise M Bland 2,
C J Wheeler 3,
T G Williams 4,
K Maughan 5,
P W Wheeler(C) 6.

In thanksgiving for the life of Bill Maughan, Past President of the Durham 8 Newcastle Association.

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