The Bells Return to Embleton

From the RW    Vol 97 Issue 4685, page 152

  9th February 2001

Ring out the Old, Ring in the New: Ring out the False, Ring in the True, was the text for the sermon given by bell-ringer the Rev Canon Frederick Ross at the Rededication of the Bells service held at Holy Trinity, Embleton on Sunday 7th January.

 It seemed a long time since February 1997 when ominous noises were first heard from the bell chamber during a practice. Professional examination identified that the wooden frame was moving when the bells were being rung and the fittings were in need of replacement.

The ring of six bells had been originally installed with money raised by public subscription in 1892 and apart from being re-hung in 1956, had had no other major work done to them.

Bell-hangers Hayward Mills Associates of Nottingham removed the bells from the tower in July 1999, prior to supplying a new galvanised steel frame, re-tuning the bells and replacing all fittings. The estimated cost of £35,000 was met by fund raising efforts such as coffee mornings, concerts, bridge drives, sponsored cycle rides and walks, plus generous donations from the community, local and national charities with the PCC providing the balance.

The bells were reinstalled in time for Christmas, and Monday evening practices recommenced. Ringers from all over the county joined the local congregation for a joyous celebration service to mark the return of the bells. This included musical items by five local groups.


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