From the Ringing World   Vol 32, Issue 1376, page 524,

July 11th 1937


  Holiday influences were largely responsible for the ringers of SS. James and Basil, Fenham, Northumberland, deserting their own church and accepting the invitation of the Vicar of Embleton to ring for services at his church on Sunday, July 11th. Reaching this small seaside village shortly after 9.30 a.m., the five ringers, who travelled by car, were met by Mr. D. Reay, who was camping nearby.

  Soon the light(?) peal of six (11 cwt.) were re-echoing through the village, and several visitors were tempted into the belfry to investigate the mysteries of change ringing and the ringers themselves turning into grease spots. In this way a touch of 960 changes of Minor, consisting of 240 Cambridge Surprise, 360 Kent Treble Bob and 360 Plain Bob was brought round.

  The afternoon saw a further trek north to Bamburgh, where permission to ring the fine peal of eight (14 cwt.) was given. Double Court, Kent Treble Bob and Plain Bob were the methods rung in this beautifully kept belfry.
In the evening a return was made to Emberton, and courses of Double Court, Double Bob, Kent Treble Bob and Plain Bob were rung for evening service.

  Then the long drive back was taken, but only with much regret, after such a perfect day. The Vicar of Embleton’s most enthusiastic invitation to return is not likely to go begging. Those taking part in the day’s ringing were T. W. Crowe, N. Pairman, C. E. Lawson, J. Roach. D. Reay and K. Arthur.

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