Lent, Good Friday and Easterday at
Embleton, Northumberland.

From the Bell News   Vol 12, Issue 625, page 556

March 23rd/25th 1894


  On Good Friday, after ringing on lashed bells, during the whole of Lent, the ringers of the above church rang 720 of Bob Minor with open bells, though muffled, for the first time (excepting the conductor). Also a 6-score of Grandsire Doubles for the first time, as well as several of Bob Doubles.

  On Easter day, the same ringers were in their places at 7.15 a.m., to ring for the Early Celebration at 8.0 a.m., which they all attended on this occasion. They again succeeded in ringing the 720.
The ringers stood in the following order: T. McLaren, 1; C . Pattison, 2; R. McLaren, 3; C. Langley, 4; J. Smailes, 5; Rev. C. Buston (conductor), 6.

  It is the custom at Embleton never to ring with open bells during Lent, in accordance with a very old Church custom, which, alas! now is seldom observed. All practice is done on lashed bells, and chiming only is permitted on Sundays. It may interest some who have never tried the experiment, to know that lashed bells, though doubtless not so interesting as open bells, have been found very advantageous in promoting ropesight; and in addition to this, the absence of ringing during Lent makes the Easter peal all the more welcome both to ringers and people, as well as making the difference between the fasts and festivals of the Church.

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