Holy Trinity, Embleton


Sunday, 10th December 2000

A Quarter Peal of

200 Plain Bob,
1800 Grandsire  Doubles

2000 Changes  


  Tenor 11cwt 2qtr 13lb

Ruth Fauchon   1
Deborah Bearder   2
Frederick Ross   3
Rosemary Ross   4
David Baraclough  (c) 5
James Stephenson   6

Conducted by: David Barraclough

"The D + N 2000 for 2000"
As part of its celebrations for the new millennium, the Durham and Newcastle Association set itself the task of organising a date touch of 2000 changes in every tower in its area. At first, planned to take place entirely in the month of June, the project in fact only ended with a successful attempt at Embleton on 10th December; a worthy end to the series as this date touch also celebrated the return of these bells to the village after a considerable absence.

Only two ringable towers were not rung - Hebburn because of access problems and Holy Trinity, Sunderland, where members of the local populace did not entirely see eye to eye with our aims and whose accuracy in rock throwing more than equalled our own in following the line for Bristol! (We managed 40mins).

Sadly, during the course of these quarters, one of the great figures in ringing in the North-East, Brenda Softley, died. An appreciation of her life and work has appeared elsewhere; we were nonetheless pleased to be able to dedicate some of the quarters to her memory. From Berwick to Barnard Castle, over sixty 2000s were rung by over 160 members, led by 26 different conductors.

Special thanks must go to Kris King, who travelled far and wide to help out with the conducting, or to help others to conduct, and whose knowledge and understanding of Plain Bob has increased exponentially!

What a pleasure it was to meet these willing volunteers, some of whom had never rung a quarter peal before. The project was a real community effort. It was a privilege to be an organiser of the teams in an association so full of enthusiasm and good humour. Well done everyone! RJ


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