Exonian Society’s
Summer Quarter Peal Tour

Holy Trinity, Embleton


Saturday, 16th July 2011

A Quarter Peal of

Bamborough [sic]

Surprise Minor

1272 Changes


  Tenor 11cwt  1qtr 0lb

Lesley Tucker   1
Judy Howard   2
Sue Sawyer   3
Nick Waterson
Graham Tucker   5
Tom Waterson 
 (c) 6

Conducted by:  Tom Waterson

  1 of 12 quarters in the Tour.

Summer Quarter Peal Tour
This year’s destination for the Society’s annual tour was the beautiful county of Northumberland. Not so much the Frozen North (most of the band are confirmed southerners who only occasionally venture north of Bristol) but, rather, the Wet North, with plenty of opportunity to wear our wellies and macs. Never mind: the countryside was enchanting, as far as could be discerned through the mist, and the welcome we received from all our host towers was very warm and friendly. We rose to the challenge of ringing some of the locally-named methods and suffered just the one loss when the difficult bells of Newton Hall (unringable treble) defeated the band after about twenty minutes.
This year we were delighted to see a new face in the band, with Tom bringing along younger brother Nick and thus reducing the average age of the group substantially. Unfortunately, Tom immediately managed to make himself the butt of all jokes by losing his trainers during the long drive up from Devon: he has no idea exactly where, but it was on the A1(M) in a motorway services area that had both a KFC and a McDonald’s outlet... if in their travels anyone should come across a lonely pair of trainers standing on the tarmac in a car park, I’m sure Tom would be delighted to be reunited with them! Wendy Campbell

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